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Women who board it are given condoms, hot drinks and information on dangerous individuals - passed on by Ugly Mugs, a charity that collects reports of incidents from sex workers and fields them out to warn others.
Image copyright Hull News Pictures Image caption During the day, Hessle Road is a busy shopping street "Many times when I have been working in evening outreach, police are around and appear to be waiting for the women to get on or off the vehicle.
"Even without Section 222 to contend with, it's lonely, it's frightening, it's degrading - and it's a secretive life Millie says."Clients don't realise that many of these how much can a male prostitute earn women could be victims of trafficking.Image copyright Hull News Pictures."Oh, you must love sex punters would say with a smirk.She's in a hurry so she just needs a hot drink and a goody bag, then she's on her way.Realising that the work she does can be very dangerous to her, she keeps a pen from the bookies on her at all time for protection, saying that while it doesn't look like much, it can be a very useful weapon if needed.From there she graduated to ecstasy, opioids - and eventually, heroin.There have been reports about how one woman is currently wearing wigs and disguises as she goes about robbing unsuspecting punters.He adds that police tactics have changed over time, so that it isn't just the women who are targeted."Every now oxford definition of a whore and then I have to take clients says one accountant who did not want to be named, "but it's."Economically the women I'm dealing with are at the end of their tether, and the lack of other employment possibilities makes everybody more nervous about keeping clients.
Brenda says that she was forced into the line of work after she lost her home due to a drug dealing boyfriend, who also got her hooked on heroin.
"There is no love of sex, working on the streets - it's always a last resort.".

Yet that makes no difference, it seems, to the clients who pour through the doors of the brothels.Alice said: "I met one young lad on his 18th birthday just minutes after he had been robbed by one of the girls out here.The policy currently affects more than 100 women.My memories of my three children are tainted by guilt, filled with shame, saddened by regret.The Spanish economy may be dangerously close to meltdown this week but one area at least prostitution appears to be doing very nicely, thank you."It is either I do this, or I live on the streets with nothing.However, the underbelly of a trade which is legal in Spain but not recognised as an actual job is far from pleasant, with human trafficking constantly rearing its ugly head.In the 1990s, magazines such as Interviú, which prides itself on its investigative journalism, would think nothing of publishing "erotic guides to Spain"."The saying 'once a junkie always a junkie' isn't true - you can break free from addiction she says.Another working girl opens the side door as we arrive at the car.In 2009 alone, Spain's Ministry of the Interior detected 17 international crime rings involved in sexual trafficking in Spain.
When her mum's mental illness was at its height, she would whisper menacing things through Millie's bedroom door at night: "There's evil inside you, I can see.
They take credit cards.".

"They come to unburden their day - they're telling me their problems and they're the same ones I faced says Millie.